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Where appropriate, the provider(s) will have appropriate safeguarding policies and procedures in place that align with those of Plus Dane.  They will ensure that appropriate training plans are in place and executed to ensure all staff involved in the discharge of Plus Dane’s business have sufficient awareness of how to respond to any disclosures. 

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Data Sharing Agreements

Whenever Plus Dane as the Controller of personal information shares that personal information with a third party organisation that will process that personal information as the Processor, a written contract should be entered into. The Data sharing agreement (DSA) sets out the respective obligations, responsibilities and liabilities of Plus Dane and the third party organisation in relation to the personal information being shared. The DSA helps both Plus Dane and the third party organisation comply with GDPR and helps Plus Dane demonstrate their compliance with the GDPR. A DSA will be entered into with any third party organisation that Plus Dane regularly shares information with, the most obvious example being contractors that you work with to carry our repairs to your properties.

During the tender process, bidders will be provided with a copy of the DSA and will be asked to confirm that if awarded the contract, that they will sign the Data sharing agreement, un-amended. 


If you’re a contractor (building, grounds maintenance, cleaning) we encourage you to be Safecontractor accredited as a pre-qualifying standard- 

Code of Conduct

Bidders will have an appropriate code of conduct in place that aligns with the Plus Dane code of conduct. If no policy is in place then the Plus Dane Code of Conduct will be adopted. 

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